I am a freelance developer based in germany with a background in information visualization. This is a personal web project of mine.

At the beggining of the corona crisis, I found the situation regarding visualizations about the current cases and incidence rate unsatisfying:

  • Most of the web sites only reported absolute cases, and thus, data between regions or countries was not comparable.
  • Additionally, I did not find any visualizations which showed the development of the data over time on a map.

The situation regarding the visualizations improved greatly since, mostly regarding the first point and there are many nice visualizations out there. Still, I haven't found many websites addressing the second point and I thought this could be a nice challenge. It is by far means perfect or finished. Whenever my time allows, I will try to improve this site.

If you have any questions or feedback of any kind, I am happy if you reach out to me using the contact details below.




Corona Cases Worlddatahub.io
List of countries with population as well as time series data of accumulated cases per country
Corona Cases GermanyRKI Arcgis NPGeo hub
Region boundaries with population and time series of case reports
BasemapNatural Earth
Admin 0 - Countries for the shapes as well as Populated Places for the labels
Main Libraries